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Legacy: Giving for the Next Generation

Money. It impacts all our lives. At Tabernacle we want everyone to be healthy in their lives, the marriages, their families and also their finances. This series gives you healthy approaches and attitudes about money, leaving a legacy and experiencing the joy of giving.

Marriage Matters

Marriage still matters. It touches all our lives in some form or another. Every married couple starts with love and promises of devotion…so why do things go south? And is there anything we can do about it? This series explores God’s design for marriage and will hopefully bring you growth, healing and practical help for your marriage!

Stop Going to Church

September 2nd, 2018
God’s highest calling for you is not to GO to church, but to BE the church! How do you view your relationship with God? Is it “just on Sundays?” If so…you’ve missed the point of what it means to follow Christ.

Let the Heavens Declare

July 29, 2018
“The heavens declare the handiwork of God,” says the author of the Psalms. Ever look at the stars and think we are not alone? That there had to be a Creator? Enjoy.

Made for Mondays

September 9-30
God’s highest calling isn’t for you to GO to church…it is to BE the church. Which means your Mondays matter just as much to God as your Sundays. Did you know that the average American will spend 90,000 hours of their life working? That’s huge. Which means that God wants you to find a place of work that is both creatively satisfying and purposeful. Your work life matters to God, and so we’ll explore this in-depth during this series. Be encouraged in your work, because you are “Made for Mondays!”

The Way

March 11 – April 1, 2018
In the earliest centuries of the Christian faith there were no copies of the Bible, no church buildings, no seminaries, no hymns, and no formal training. Funny thing is…the believers got along just fine with each other, the testimony of the Apostles, a few letters and the Holy Spirit. How about we recapture some of that?


Romans 8 tells us God is up to something in our lives…to conform us to the image of Christ. Big work. Life changing. This is the measure of a follower of Jesus: that we become like Him. Let’s explore this in detail!

Grow in Grace

Amazing Grace. We sing about it, talk about it, read about it, write books about it. And then we live like we still need to earn God’s favor. What’s going on?

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