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TBC Covid-19 Update: May 2021

By the TBC Health Team:

As you know, Governor DeWine issued his plan to remove all health orders related to Covid-19 as of June 2nd for the State of Ohio. We all rejoiced as this reflects our falling cases of Covid-19 both state and nationwide. As we have been following the leadership of our State Health Guidelines, it was our plan to remove all protocols starting Sunday, June 6th. However, the CDC has accelerated that timeline. As your pastor, I have very much appreciated the input and expertise of our Health Team. In light of recent declarations, here are the TBC Protocols starting this Sunday, May 23rd for worship gathering as it is our largest indoor gathering of people.

TBC Worship Gathering Protocols effective as of May 23rd, 2021:

  • Masks: Masks are no longer required but encouraged for those who wish to continue to wear them for your own benefit, if you believe you are at risk or wish to minimize placing others at risk.
  • Social Distancing: Socially distant seating in the sanctuary will no longer be required. However, we will be making the pews on the left as you are facing the stage socially distant for those who still feel they would prefer that arrangement.
  • Sanitation: We will plan to continue fogging the main areas for sanitization for now, with plans to end this in June. Please continue to help our Safety Team by exiting the sanctuary quickly. And if you wish to assist in this important way, contact the church office.
  • Personal Health: If you believe you have any Covid-19 symptoms, please self-isolate until you are certain you are not contagious to others.
  • Ministries and Gatherings other than Sunday Morning Worship: All TBC ministries and gatherings will follow the above protocols.

Further Thoughts from Pastor Chris:

There are a few other recommendations I would like to make as your Pastor to help us navigate this new world, as I am certain that new challenges will arise.

  1. Prayerfully make your decision to vaccinate, or not, based on your own convictions and personal health choices.
  2. Please respect others always and demonstrate the love of Christ regardless of the decisions they have made. We are NOT “vaccinated people” and “non-vaccinated people.” We are just people; ONE family in Christ.
  3. Do not judge other people’s health decisions. You most likely don’t know their personal health circumstances. They may have natural immunity. Or they may simply see this as an act of faith choosing to trust God. While it is probably wise to not ask if your brother or sister has been vaccinated directly, it happens. Speak truthfully without apology either way. And for those who ask, please prepare to listen without judgement. And so, as Jesus commands, love one another.
  4. All who come to TBC are free to either continue wearing a mask for your own peace of mind, or not. Each of us is responsible for our own health.
  5. If you are not at peace about attending in person, please feel free to worship online until you are ready to rejoin in person. We are all one family, worshiping and growing and learning together.

From the beginning, our guiding verse has been Philippians 2:4 – “Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” THAT is why we have done what we have done. That is why we have given up our “rights” in order to care for one another as best as we knew how. Not politics, not the CDC, not the Governor, not the science and not because of fear. We have done everything because we LOVE one another. If social distancing, wearing a mask, sanitizing, changing behaviors would help my brother, then I will do so because of love.

Personally, I agree with moving forward at this time as a country regardless of the motivation. As God has been good to us and this virus continues to diminish, it is now time to move forward. I commend each of you, our church family, for the grace, patience, love, commitment and faith you have demonstrated this last year. Harder times may come in the future. Only God knows. But my confidence in our church family that we can face the future regardless of what comes has only grown. Thank you for your trust in me and our leadership in difficult times.

    With a grateful heart and with love,

    Pastor Chris

    Health Team: Rebekah Hunt, Chair, Dr. Lois Jetty, Dr. Sunday Olatunde, Garry Hagar, Kris Oliver, Sean Kallner, Chris Brown


    Frequently Asked Questions...
    Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions. We will be updating these periodically.
    How can I help my children during this time?
    We want to partner with parents to help them lead their children spiritually during this situation.  Although we are not gathering in our building, we may be able to provide content for parents to continue their children’s spiritual growth during this time.  Please be patient while we develop the best strategy!

    Please talk openly with your children about the situation in age-appropriate ways. By talking with your children you can alleviate fears. Use this a time to pray together and trust in God. Enlist them to actively help and praise them for their assistance. In this way, they are part of the community, taking responsibility to help mom and dad. Remember that God can teach them through this time as well!

    Are we, as a Christian communty, overreacting to this situation?
    We understand that some people think this situation is not as critical as the media wants us to believe.  The top infectious disease experts have said that the mortality rate is 10x that of the regular flu. This is not to be taken lightly.  While we don’t need to live in fear as Christ-followers, we do believe that wisdom is appropriate to help contain the spread of the covid-19 strain of the flu. By taking the right measures now, we are showing love in action to those who, if they should contract this flu, could be in serious health danger. Although the symptoms of this virus are sometimes mild, the impact of this contagion can have dire consequences. People that are immuno-compromised and the elderly are at higher risk for severe complications. The primary goal of limiting our gatherings is to slow the spread of the virus to a rate that our health care system can handle. This chart from the CDC shows the goal of these extreme measures.

    How can I best help during this situation?
    Here are a few things we can all do the help during this outbreak:

    1. Pray. Pray for our leaders, our medical community (especially those we know in our church family), for our local leaders, for those who are sick and those who are at risk. And let’s all pray that God will use this for His glory and His purposes.
    2. Don’t add to the the hysteria.  Refrain from sharing anything on social media that isn’t from credible sources and helpful information to prevent the spread.  This is a serious situation and we need to use wisdom.  Let’s also live like we know that God is in control of our future.
    3. Educate yourself on the coronavirus.  Here are few credible sites to find the most up-to-date information on the virus.
      1. https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/
      2. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
      3. https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019
    4. Stay home if you are at risk. But stay in touch with others by phone and social media.
    5. Care for one another in our church family and those with whom you know. Philippians 2:4 – “Everyone should look not only to their own interests, but also to the interests of others.”
    6. Please continue to give to the ministry of the church.  We want to be able to minister to our community however is needed in the weeks to come.  You can give online at https://mytabernacle.org/give or give via text to 740-273-2224. Or mail in your tithes and offerings to our office: 221 E. Main Street, Chillicothe, OH 45601.
    7. Serve. Here are some needs that will be important in the coming days and weeks… Tech support (helping people get online to listen to future streaming worship gatherings), helping hands (shopping, picking up prescriptions) for those who cannot go themselves, childcare support (for teachers and healthcare workers) who still need to work and have children who may be home because of school cancellations, small group hosts and leaders (as we may be gathering in homes for the next several months in lieu of Sunday School.
    I'm struggling with fear and anxiety...what can I do?
    This situation is very concerning to many people.  In moments that are out of our control, the best thing we can do is trust that God is in control. While it’s easy to tell someone to just relax, the real path to peace is going to require faith and action.  Here are a few things you can do everyday to help you overcome the fear and anxiety of this situation.

    1) Spend some time reading God’s Word. God loves to speak to us through the reading of His Word. If you spend all of your time watching the news, it can lead to a greater level of fear and worry.  Make sure you are spending time meditating on truth about who God is in these moments.  Here are a few passages you could read daily to remind you of God’s goodness and sovereignty.

    2) Spend some time praying about your fears. Take your fears and worries and let God know about them. Actively “cast your fears” on God. Place your health, your family and your life actively in His hands. There is nothing that separate us from His love! Don’t just worry; pray about the worry and ask God to give you his peace (Philippians 4:6-7; Romans 8).

    3) Watch past messages.  We have many messages online that you can watch or listen to that will build your faith.  Click here to watch past messages.

    4) Encourage others.  You might be surprised what will happen to your spirit when you focus on encouraging others in this time.  Text, email or call someone who might be worried and share a verse or word of encouragement with them.

    Pastoral Care Needs

    If you, or someone you know in our church family is in need of pastoral care: visits, calls, etc. please contact our Pastoral Care Director Tim Mash. We contact who we can by phone and visit those in the hospital, at home or in nursing homes in the safest way possible for all and as regulations permit. Please email him at tim@mytabernacle.org.

    Giving to the Lord

    We ask that all of us continue to give during this time for the ministry of the church. There are ongoing needs we have as well as opportunities to minister going forward. This is a time to give generously as God prospers you. We are ready to give assistance to anyone who wishes to give online. You can email the office for step-by-step setting up your online giving. Melissa Munyon: melissa@mytabernacle.org

    Please feel free to simply mail in your tithes and offerings to our church office: Tabernacle Baptist Church, Attn: Treasurer Jim Lemaster, 221 E. Main Street, Chillicothe, OH 45601.

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    Click the “+” sign to see the most recent and prior updates. We will post weekly updates about church events, gatherings and information as it becomes available.
    Trying Times

    Trying Times:

    It seems the series I recently preached is still applicable. We are working through Covid-19; now national unrest and division in light of the tragic death of an African American man at the hands of a few members of law enforcement in Minneapolis. This has brought to light pain, issues of racism in our nation and also the contrast between good law enforcement officers who do their work to protect us every day and would never condone such actions. Hate is nothing new. Racism, intolerance is something that has been going on for ages past to now. It has always been and always will be a spiritual issue of the heart. The actions of a few can, as we are seeing, impact so many who are innocent. In light of this, I want to give you a roadmap. 

    First, stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ who legitimately feel the pain of what it means to live as a minority member of our society. Just today I spoke with several of our Chillicothe pastors who are African American. They related how, for example, when they walk into a store, they are careful to keep their hands out of their pockets because they see people’s eyes watching them and don’t want to cause alarm. This is something I’ve never had to consider, and I empathize just by listening, validating and supporting. Second, we must never condone lawlessness. Riots, hurting innocent people, looting and burning is also wrong. It only perpetuates negative stereotypes and does not bring healing or move the conversation about racism forward in healthy ways. So, we validate real pain, but don’t validate the reaction that brings more violence. Third, remember God’s Word on this matter: Galatians 3:28: “There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female (Or Black or White or Hispanic or Asian or Indian or any other ethnicity). For you are all one in Christ Jesus.” My brothers and sisters in Jesus who don’t have my skin color and my ethnicity are my family.

    Let me say, too, that yet another reason I love our TBC church family is because we openly welcome and embrace people of all backgrounds and skin colors. I never have to apologize for someone feeling uncomfortable while at TBC because we as a church family willingly open our hearts! Let’s keep that love for all as Christ loves us in all we do!

    Student Ministry Summer Intern

    Welcome to Isaac Beam, our summer intern who will be ministering to our students Sunday Morning and Wednesday evenings. He is stepping in as we form our search team to start the search for future leadership. Be praying for Isaac, our students and the right staff who will move our ministry forward in healthy ways that will reach students and children with the Gospel! Parents, be looking for a “Summer Rundown” coming to your email or mailbox, soon!

    Worship Gathering Restart

    June 28 we will re-open our doors for worship gathering in the building, God willing. As of now, we are fully planning to restart with two services: 9am and 11am. Please watch my update video about how we are planning to do this! And, you can begin to REGISTER for the service you believe you and your family may be attending. You can do this by texting either the word “worship9” or “worship11” (without the quotes) to 740-273-2224.

    This will help us plan for seating and moving our church attenders in and out safely. For those remaining at home, we WILL continue to stream our services “LIVE” at 11am. We have lots to do, so pray for us as our tech team puts the necessary pieces in place to make this happen for those of you who feel you are not ready to physically come back to the building. Thank you, Health Team and Trustees, Safety Team and Denny for all you have done and are doing to get us ready to come back together.

    Gone for Two Weeks

    I will be gone for two weeks as Shirley and I are getting away for time together as we begin a new chapter of our lives. Thank you for your love and prayers and support for myself and Shirley and our new chapter in life. We are so very, very grateful and humbled and appreciative. Tim Mash and Joe Moore will be here to meet your needs should there be a Pastoral Care issue. They are available, so please make them your first call as they will be also draw upon the resources of our Deacon Team as well. Melissa, our secretary, will also be at her post to receive your calls!

    See you very soon!

    Love in Christ, Pastor Chris

    Restarting TBC

    Re-Starting TBC:

    As Ohio is opening up slowly, everyone is beginning to ask, “When will TBC resume Worship Gathering at the church building?” It is a great question, and we are making preparations now. Before I share how we are planning to re-start, let me share a little of the challenges that we are facing so you have some context to understand all that must be considered. Remember: when we open our doors as a church, we open them to EVERYONE. So, we must be prepared. We must consider:
    • Building entrance and exits
    • Cleaning and disinfecting the building between large groups
    • Safe physical distancing measures
    • Provision of masks for those who do not have them as well as numerous hand-sanitizing stations
    • Possible provision of screening for those who might be running a fever or showing any symptoms of illness
    • Children’s ministry planning
    • Youth ministry planning
    • Ministry teams that meet throughout the week
    • Sunday school classes
    • Time/locations of services as well as the number of services to host
    • All the needed volunteers to staff each service: ushers, musicians, sound, tech, safety personnel, greeters, welcome center
    • Personnel to continue to Livestream our services for those who do not or cannot attend
    So…as you can see, it’s not as simple as simply saying, “Yay! We are open for ministry!”
    However, we ARE going to re-open our doors in the near future again. We are going to monitor how our community is with regard to the number of reported infections and gauge the recommendations of our state and local leaders. And, most of our Chillicothe pastors (not all, but most) are committed to working in tandem as we open our doors so we can be united in our efforts as we serve our local congregations.

    Health Team is Making Recommendations

    We have put in place a health team to review our best practices for reopening. We are blessed to have, as part of the team:
    • 2 Physicians: Doctors Lois Jetty and Sunday Olatunde
    • 1 Hospital administrator: Lisa Carlson, Adena
    • 1 Columbus health department member: Rebecca Hunt
    • 1 Safety team co-director: Garry Hagar
    • 1 Trustee for building planning: Kris Oliver
    The Health Team is putting together a “best practices” for our re-start. We are anticipating re-opening our building beginning sometime in early June for preparation and perhaps smaller groups on a limited basis, with a Worship Gathering beginning June 28th. That’s a tentative plan for now. 

    Survey Responses:

    The survey was very helpful to gauge our church family’s thoughts for re-starting. Without getting into the details, here are the primary results with 80 surveys collected so far:
    • We want to come back together, but with precautions. All of the above measures should be followed: physical distancing, masks, hand-sanitizer stations, changes to collecting offerings and distribution of bulletins, changes to how we distribute communion elements and touchless children’s ministry
    • For the most part, the majority of our members will attend when we open the doors, but some of our more vulnerable members will remain at home, which makes online streaming an important aspect of re-starting our worship services
    • Most responding wish to see businesses and restaurants reopening as well as the monitoring the number of corona virus cases in Ross County to be sure they are not increasing at a quick pace or even dropping

    These are the primary takeaway results from our survey. Our Health Team has the entire responses from our church so they can consider everyone’s answers as we plan. There won’t be an easy fix, but with wisdom and planning we CAN come back together as safely as possible. As your pastor, I am looking forward to being able to gathering together again. However, I also want to protect those, who, should they contract this strain of the flu virus would most certainly be deeply impacted.

    We’ve all proven that we are a church family no matter how/when/where we meet. And ministry has continued, although in different ways! I’m ever thankful for you, our church family. We love you, we appreciate our community of believers and we know that the gates of Hell will NEVER prevail against the bride of Christ, let alone a virus! We will thrive and overcome and continue to make disciples as God directs!

    Love in Christ, Pastor Chris

    *NEW: RESTARTING TBC - April 28th Update

    Greetings to you all, my brothers and sisters…
    How wonderful it has been staying connected these past 6 weeks through worship gathering at home, Tuesday’s Word Live, Prayer Meeting and Care Groups, as well as ministry team and Sunday school Bible studies.

    Worship Gathering at Home has been great! Each Sunday we are tracking attendance as best as possible. We’ve settled on a metric of 2.5 people for every online viewer. If this metric is accurate, we’ve had 380 in attendance each week! We are all thankful for this technology, and knowing that even during a pandemic, our church family continues being together!

    Thank you also for your faithfulness in giving. We finished the month of April very strong. The offering this past week was $9,374 to our general budget. It’s amazing to me how we are so connected in love, service and giving. I am loving our church family more now than ever as I’ve seen everyone respond with personal ministry and sacrifice.

    Just a few more updates and then I want to talk about re-starting TBC in the future…

    We are still waiting to see about Summer Camp for our students. I’ve spoken with Pastor Shane and we will make a final decision by May 5th. (Stay tuned, parents of students.) Different states as you know have different standards and we are looking for any news from the Camp, as well as trying to decide how we might transport students safely into that environment. In keeping with this, we are in the process of selecting interim leadership for our students. We will have a plan in place in the next 2-3 weeks, God willing.

    We know we have more decisions forthcoming with regard to ministries and summer activities: VBS, Block Party (postponed until fall) and more. We’ll tackle these as they come up, watching the way our state and community begins to come back together.

    For the sake of clarity, I’ll try and unfold this to you in a way that makes sense yet doesn’t go into too much detail and overwhelm you. I have been attending multiple webinars, conference calls, pastoral meetings, reading documents and having discussions with different people in our church family. I’ve brought together all the learnings and insights I can and tried to summarize the basic issues surrounding coming back together.

    This is Complicated…

    Conspiracy Theories: Some people are convinced this whole pandemic is overblown and we’ve overreacted as a nation. I can understand this perspective, even if I don’t fully agree. For those who are touched by this in their profession or if you or someone you love is high-risk, they would absolutely communicate the seriousness of this virus. And, if Kenworth and Kohls and New System Bakery is closed, you can be confident this is not an “attack on God’s people and religious liberty.” Having said that, we must be on guard against our one real enemy, Satan. Give him no ground for fear and lies!

    Faith: Some people believe we should “just trust God and start meeting.” I’ve heard of churches doing this around the country, and the results have been incredibly negative. Almost universally, the community reacts strongly and negatively at the callous disregard for people’s safety when this has taken place. Far from being a powerful witness, it ends up being just the opposite.

    Unknowns: Most everyone agrees that it isn’t easy to know how to come back together in safe and responsible ways. What do mass gatherings look like? How do we structure services? What about children? How does a loving church family “social distance?” No one church or pastor or leadership team has a great answer for this. We are reacting as we go, trying to make the wisest and most loving decisions we can.

    Here are the following principles most churches are following as we make decisions to start gathering again:

    • Responsible safety for our adults, children and youth
    • Needs of our church family
    • Witness to the larger non-Christian community
    • Cooperation with other churches and communities of believers

    Soon, you will be able to go back to work, get a hair cut, and maybe shop. But what we cannot do yet is open our doors and say, “Yay! We are back to normal!”

    Not yet, anyway.

    As you know, our weekend worship gatherings are NOT conducive to physical distancing. In fact…I had to laugh the other night when I was talking with Chillicothe Pastors. I asked about a “drive-in” service. What I realized in the discussion that followed is that our church family wouldn’t be in the parking lot for 5 minutes before we would be rolling down windows and talking 4 feet apart! And I’m pretty sure some of us would be opening the doors and hugging again!

    No, the truth is, we are a very close church family with LOTS of interaction. And we love our children and students gathering together as well. Until we are convinced we can gather together with minimal risk AND continuing to offer online services for those who stay at home, we’ll stay the course in the short-term.

    To this end, I am recommending we should NOT begin meeting together in the month of May. This is very much in step from what I am hearing from nearly every single church in our community and the country, for that matter. What we WILL do, is look into small gathering opportunities that we may be able to initiate (small groups, ministry outreach, house-parties) etc. that will begin sometime in the month of June, as we see how bringing our nation back together impacts the health of our communities.

    While this may change, I believe this is the best course of action for our TBC family right now. This is where YOU come in…Lifeway Research has made available an excellent survey for you, our church family, to give us some feedback to see if we are thinking rightly about this. It is an online survey. WE SENT A SURVEY VIA EMAIL TO ALL OUR MEMBERS AND REGULAR ATTENDERS. PLEASE CONTACT US AT THE MAIN OFFICE NUMBER IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE A LINK!

    You can do this is an individual or couple. Every survey we receive will be helpful in giving us a sense of how we all are feeling and thinking as a church. We will compile the results and give you some feedback next week. It is totally anonymous so share honestly! Thank you!


    FIRST…we will stay the course through May and continue to minister to one another, showing love in new ways, and letting God lead us all!
    SECOND…we will strategize through this month and look at re-starting gathering and ministries in limited ways in June, God willing.

    What do you think? Agree? Have other thoughts? Let us know in the survey! Above all, let’s continue to practice Philippians 4:2, “Look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” And…“Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

    Love you all,
    Pastor Chris

    April 18, 2020 Update from Pastor Chris

    Update from Pastor Chris

    This is a season of challenge for us, but thankful that we are pulling together as a church. Care Groups are a key part of keeping in touch during this period of not being able to worship all together. Here are the major activities and updates that are happening!

    Staff Ministry:

    Pastor Chris…In addition to online services every Sunday, I am hosting online prayer meetings each Wednesday at 6pm using Zoom, as well as hosting two Tuesday’s Word LIVE events on Tuesdays at 10am and 6pm. And I am is staying in touch with our church family through emails, phone calls and text messages. I have also worked closely with Tim and Joe with our Care Group system as well as Melissa through the office systems such as our database which is serving us well. I am also “video editor, website developer and have become somewhat of an online streaming tech in-house expert.” My role at this time in addition to “pastoring from a distance” is communication and leading with the big picture in mind, as is my responsibility as well. One additional opportunity that has developed is that Javier Abreau (Leslie Aquino’s father for those who don’t know) has offered to preach the weekly messages in Spanish, thus opening an opportunity to reach out to the Hispanic community with our weekly worship.

    Pastor Shane is producing a daily devotional for students and hosting Zoom Bible studies on Sunday evenings. He is also coordinating the food distribution for our RLAS families every Friday along with Susan Hagar. On average we are distributing 150+ meals for the weekend to 20-25 families. This food has been provided by Hunger Alliance.

    Shirley has been preparing and playing a worship song each week, where it is edited together with lyrics and/or other videos to inspire and to encourage worship at home during the Worship Gathering Online. She is also leading a weekly Bible Study with the Worship Team with Zoom.

    Melissa is at the office every day, answering phones and fielding questions as well as posting on Social Media and sending out reminders and prayer requests via text and email. During the third week of the Governor’s stay-at-home orders, we began mailing out a bi-weekly newsletter for those who we have identified having no online presence in addition to our online updates. Further, Don Hughes is preparing DVD’s of the sermons and we are sending those out as well so people can watch the messages at home. She is also preparing and sending the bi-weekly newsletters and mailing of the DVDs.

    Denny is focusing on special projects: floor waxing, touch up painting, deep cleaning, minor repairs, grass mowing, and other projects he normally does not have the opportunity to do.

    Tim is a Care Group Director along with Joe Moore. He is staying in touch with Pastor Chris with pastoral care needs. He will also be overseeing all Pastor questions and requests in the office during the months of June when Pastor Chris and Shirley will be out of town.

    Easter Sunday – New Streaming Site

    On Easter Sunday, we launched a new website for streaming the Sunday morning messages/worship gathering: mytabernacle.online.church. This tool is especially useful to open the opportunity for worship to those who do not have a Facebook account. We had 130 watching online and 37 watching on our new site on Easter Sunday for an estimated attendance of 417!

    Zoom Meetings:

    In addition to our Tuesday Prayer Meeting and Tuesday’s Word Live “online gatherings” there are several groups that have taken to Zoom in order to have more Bible studies. To date, here are the groups that are using Zoom to meet and fellowship:

    • Worship Team, Shirley Miller
    • New Beginnings Class, Joe Moore
    • RLAS Leadership Team, Sally Anderson

    We also hosted our Ministry Team meetings for the month of April on Zoom, including Church Council. Since Zoom has a time limit of 40 minutes for non-subscribers, we are using the time wisely, covering the most important business.


    Giving has remained incredibly strong through this crisis. We have implemented an austerity budget, not knowing how we will weather this crisis financially. God’s people are responding in wonderful generosity. Our General Budget giving each week since this crisis began is as follows:

    March 15: $4,702 | March 22: $9,587 | March 29: $19,845 |

    April 5: $13,283 | April 12: $16,914

    We have prioritized helping our church members with any financial needs first. Please do not hesitate to let us know of these needs!

    Other ways are church family is pulling together in this crisis time include:

    • People are shopping for our elderly member and dropping off groceries and prescriptions
    • Several families are making and donating masks to those who need or want them.  Please call us at the office if you would like one.
    • Luke Benning and Scott Cryder have spent hours working with Pastor Chris developing the best online strategies and Scott has worked many hours putting together the temporary studio for livestreaming in our conference room.
    • Jim Lemaster is continuing to watch our finances very closely and keep the bills paid!

    Future Planning

    We are following the State of Ohio’s Updates regularly in order to know what the future holds. It appears that the Governor is committed to begin easing restrictions in May, but mostly for businesses. We do not know at this point when congregations will be allowed to gather together in large numbers again.

    It is possible that smaller groups of people will be allowed to gather before larger groups. If the “ramp up” is similar to the “ramp down” then it is entirely possible that groups of 10, then 50, then 100 then more will be the pattern. If this is the case, we will consider how our ministry might best develop a plan for this.

    I am asking our church to continue to please love through regular contact and checking on one another through phone calls and by praying for one another.

    1 Peter 5:10 – And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

    Love you all!

    Pastor Chris

    April 1 Update from Pastor Chris - How to GROW and Stay Healthy During These Uncertain Times

    As you all know, we will continue with the directives of our leaders in remaining apart during this time. We know it is the safe and loving thing to do for one another, our families and our community. This will continue through April 30th at least, and then we will evaluate once we have more information from our leaders. We will continue to pray for one another, meet online and also stay connected through our Care Groups. I want to encourage you all as you have this time…to embark on a PERSONAL GROWTH PLAN. You don’t need to do ALL of these, but just pick a few.

    We are each responsible for our own personal growth. Not anyone else. Not your mom, your dad, your friend, your spouse. Only YOU. Here are some practice things that can help your mindset, communication, higher thinking, building relationships and be more others centered. Consistency is the key. Make it a lifestyle and commit to growth!

    1. Feed your brain. Read a book | Watch a Ted Talk on YouTube | Listen to a podcast | Good book suggestions: “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” . . . “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. . . The 5 Love Languages . . . Learn from people who inspire you!
    2. Study a book of the Bible in depth…learn to pray more effectively. Pick a verse and meditate on it deeply.
    3. Turn off the TV. Put the phone down. Spend 20-30 minutes a day meditating, clearing your mind. What is God saying? Meditation on scripture and truth helps to calm you and clear the clutter from your mind.
    4. Go outside. Plant some flowers, take a walk. Being outdoors is good for you in so many ways.
    5. Practice healthy eating by eating less. Plan family meals together and eat together around the table.
    6. Take action and get results. Waiting doesn’t get anything done! Suggestions: clean out your closets; finish “unfinished” projects; go through family photo albums; paint a room; re-arrange the garage; throw out old things; clean out the car and wash it; fix something that is broken.
    7. Quit a bad habit, cultivate a new habit.
    8. Invest time in personal discovery, like the Enneagram Personality Test. Be self-aware and learn about yourself.
    9. Learn to become a better listener. Suggestion: ask your spouse or your children 5 questions and listen carefully before offering your opinion or thoughts. Just listen. Ask another question in follow up. Listen. Then ask another question. Resist the urge to share your thoughts. Be present and stay focused on the other person.
    10. Reach out and minister to someone else with encouragement: send a card, call them, Facetime a friend or family member because you were thinking of them. Pick one person a day and spend the day praying for them and sharing encouraging words with them. Write a letter to each of your family members why you love them and appreciate them. Share the gospel of forgiveness with those whose hearts are open.

    All of these are ways YOU can grow and stay healthy in your mind, heart and soul. Remember, let’s not just “survive” this, but let’s find new ways to grow our strength and thrive! “Lord, encourage us all in the Spirit to grow and thrive in these uncertain times by taking new action steps. Open our hearts and minds to change! In Jesus name, Amen.”

    Pastor Chris Update to TBC - March 25th

    TBC Response to Governor DeWine’s Directive to Stay-at-Home

    During this time, we want to encourage all of our TBC family to comply with Governor DeWine’s order to remain at home as much as possible. Churches, as you know, are considered essential services. So, as a church, here is what we are doing:

    STAFF/OFFICE: Our staff is continuing to be available and our offices are OPEN. There are only a few of us in the office on any given day. And, we are maintaining physical distance and following guidelines to use hand sanitizers and wash regularly. We are not allowing visitors into the building at this time. Only deliveries and staff and members. So, if you come by the office, you can certainly come in. But keep in mind we are keeping our distance.

    • Melissa remains at the desk, answering phones and assisting our church.
    • Pastor Chris am in the office most days, overseeing needs as they arise including calls and emails, directing Care Groups, communication with our church family, planning weekend worship gatherings online and communicating with Ross County pastors and community leaders to coordinate our efforts.
    • Denny continues to come to the church each day, and is taking this opportunity to catch up on all projects he would not normally have the time to do!
    • Pastor Shane is available via email or phone and works from home most days. He is staying in touch with our teens and is working with Sally Anderson and the Real Life After School team to distribute food to our RLAS families on Friday afternoons.
    • Tim Mash is also working from home and is available and is one of our Care Group Directors.
    • Shirley is working from home, is staying in touch with our worship team, and we are continuing to formulate a possible worship/music plan for our online services as we go forward. We are all continuing to reach out and be available.

    EVENTS: The Red Cross Bloodmobile WILL be at TBC tomorrow. They are in need of blood during this crisis. All precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of all who come. It will be held in the Life Center.

    CARE GROUPS: Care Groups are continuing to grow in their effectiveness. I want to THANK our Directors, Coaches and Care Group Leaders for stepping up and making ministry happen over the phone each week. As you make contact, please send your email updates back to your Coaches and Director. That way, we won’t duplicate information and activity if possible. We have had volunteers come forward who can shop and pick up items for those who cannot get out of the house. Let those needs be known and we’ll connect people.

    MAIL CONTACT: This week we’ll begin mailing out a newsletter to all our members who are NOT online. Mail and phone is the only way some of our members can remain connected through this time so any information you can “send up” the chain is helpful for us to know who to include in those mailings.

    Thank you for your faithful prayers, love and giving. I’m seeing our church family come alive to live out Philippians 2:4: “Look not only on your own interests, but also the interests of others.” I know you are concerned and understandably so. But God is up to something good in this time of crisis…not just in our church, but in every church and all over the world. People are coming to Jesus by the thousands, making first time decisions to put faith in Jesus as Savior. Let’s continue to trust in our Heavenly Father, who has us all in His hands!

    Pastor Chris

    March 19th Update - Governor DeWine speaks to pastors
    Here is a summary of the Governor’s conference call this morning with pastors in the State of Ohio. My friends and church family…this is NOT to cause panic and anxiety…but rather to bring home the severity of this virus pandemic and why our actions to limit gatherings and to CONNECT with one another is absolutely critical during this time frame. We must be diligent to minister to one another and our friends and neighbors as we can.
    Love you, Pastor Chris
    From Governor DeWine…
    ·        This virus is much more dangerous than people believe.
    ·        If we take no action then 40-70% of people in Ohio will probably end up with the virus.
    ·        The actions we are taking are to preserve life.
    ·        The infections double every 6 days.
    ·        Those over age 65 should not be out in public at all.
    ·        Please consider setting up assistance for people to provide what they need in their homes.
    ·        All child care centers will have to be closed at some point except those who provide for the medical community.
    ·        Young people need to understand that they not personally get sick but they will likely carry the virus to the most vulnerable people who will get sick and some will die.
    ·        Meeting with any groups of people could lead to others dying.
    ·        Find alternate ways to meet with people by phone or online.
    ·        We can’t tell churches to close but it is not wise to stay open.
    ·        I can’t tell you to cancel but my advice is to cancel church services.
    ·        This is a question of survival.  People will die if we do nothing.
    ·        It is the right thing to do to try not to carry the infection to others.
    ·        Seemingly healthy people are inadvertently carrying the virus to vulnerable people, particularly the elderly. There is a 15% death rate for elderly who get this virus.
    ·        We are expecting the peak to be around May 1st
    ·        Testing is very limited. Act as if everyone has the virus.
    ·        Soon almost everyone will have this virus and testing will be a mute point.
    ·        We assume that 50,000-100,000 people in Ohio already have this virus.
    ·        The virus doubles every six days.
    ·        This virus is twenty times more deadly than the flu and twice as contagious.
    ·        Our goal is to slow this virus down and extend the length of time it take for the virus to spread so that our hospital and medical systems can keep up with the needed care for those who will need hospitalization.
    Submitted by Pastor Floyd Stanfill     3/18/2020
    March 17th Update - TBC Leaders Meeting
    Philippians 2:4 – “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

    Last night our ministry leaders held an “online” meeting successfully and we are thankful. Here are some quick bullet point updates from our meeting that we worked through and agreed upon together…

    • Worship Gatherings will continue to be “LIVE, ONLINE” for the next 3-6 weeks. We will follow the recommendations of our health care leaders, choosing to not meet in the buildings on Sunday mornings, but rather on the mytabernacle Facebook Page. We will monitor this weekly, but plan in the short term to continue to meet Sunday mornings at 11am online. You might think of someone to invite over if they do not have online access. Please use wisdom to stay healthy and safe.
    • We are in the process of creating “Care Groups” for contacting each person in our church family by phone on a weekly basis. We are asking 50+ people to be Care Group Directors, Coaches and Leaders so that we might call everyone, weekly. The goal is simple: one personal touch, one time per week. In this way, we can stay connected to one another and make others aware of needs.
    • Most all events and activities are currently suspended. There are a few exceptions, such as the Red Cross Bloodmobile. And, some small ministry teams may be meeting as well. Please contact your Ministry Team Leader directly for information.
    • Church Bulletin…We will begin posting downloads of our weekly bulletin on the mytabernacle.org website directly from the homepage at the top. Download it weekly for information and sermon notes for that Sunday. In addition, we will begin mailing the bulletin out to those people we can identify in our church who do not have online access. Please help us by submitting names of people you know of who do not “get online.” Please call us directly at the main office.
    • Giving and finances…We are offering assistance for those members who wish to start giving online. Christy Moore will assist you in setting up your online giving. You can reach her through email, below or let us know at the office and we will have her call you directly. In addition, we hope to add a secure, locked dropbox outside the church offices in the near future for you to drop off your tithes and offerings if you prefer. Please continue to give faithfully as our needs as a church continue in spite of this challenging time.
    • We are continually identifying ways we can help one another and our community. Please pray that we have wisdom how to minister to others outside our TBC family.

    Praying you are safe and sound. Thank you for your patience and care for one another!

    Pastor Chris

    March 15th, 2020 Update
    Praise God for a wonderful “TBC Live” Worship Gathering this morning! Thank you for joining us and for sharing such encouraging and positive messages and comments during the broadcast for me and for others in our church family! We will be holding a leadership meeting this coming Tuesday at 6pm. RIGHT NOW we are planning to meet at the church in the Chapel…however…we will look into ways we may be able to host an online meeting, so PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL for that information in the next 48 hours. Thank you!

    Also, many of you have said, “I’m here to help anyway I can” which is beautiful! I’ve posted some ways you can help in the FAQ’s, below. Please check those out and send me an email if there is a specific way you can serve. Pastor Chris: chris@mytabernacle.org.

    Finally, I wanted to share a very special Q&A that Governor DeWine had with some pastors and denominational leaders. It is very pertinent as he was addressing the local church community with specific questions. I think it is very important to have this information within your mind as leaders of TBC, and for all of us, so that we are on the same page as much as possible!

    March 13, 2020 Update
    We will NOT be holding Worship Gathering Services this coming Sunday, March 15th. Instead we will be gathering online through Facebook Live on the mytabernacle Facebook Page. In light of the State of Ohio issuing a mandate for groups no larger than 100, we as a church are working to respond with a longer-term plan. Our leaders are meeting this coming Tuesday. Pray for us and our church family as we move forward with wisdom.

    What does this mean for our future? We don’t know at this point. This entire situation is very fluid and is changing rapidly. We will post information on this page regularly to update our church. While we don’t know much about this pandemic, we do know God the Father holds our future securely in His hands. Let’s pray for the containment of this rapidly spreading virus.

    You belong here!

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