About tabernacle

At Tabernacle, we’re not just a church…we are FAMILY.

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here.

Tabernacle Baptist has a long ministry history in Chillicothe.  Our desire for 125 years has been to know the Savior and make him known in our world. Today one of our key purpose statements is “impacting our neighbors for Christ.” We apply this purpose by community involvement, feeding the hungry, caring for children, assisting those in need and by helping people become fully devoted followers of Jesus. We take seriously the command of Jesus to “love one another as I have loved you”…we call it building true community. And finally, we believe every single person has a God-given purpose on earth. So, we serve one another with our lives by giving of our gifts, talents, resources and our time.

Our Name: what does “Tabernacle” even mean?

Tabernacle Baptist Church is a part of the Clinton Baptist Association of the larger American Baptist Churches. We are, as all churches with the association, completely independent and self-governing. We are not forced to adhere to any larger association doctrines or rules as such. While we are “Baptist” in tradition and practices, we like to say that we are baptist with a small “b”, meaning, we welcome anyone who is of like beliefs and commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The name, “Tabernacle”, isn’t a word we use much anymore. In the Bible though, tabernacle means some things that still matter today:

  • In the ancient days, it was a place to meet God for worship and to find forgiveness. We still do that here. Definitely needed.
  • Later, the Son of God “became flesh and lived among us” (John 1:14).  The Greek word for “lived” is the word for “tabernacle.” Jesus the Son was a living “tabernacle” and lived like we did. He knows our lives. And we are thankful for that reality. Definitely amazing.
  • Today, when a person opens their life to Jesus as Savior His Holy Spirit indwells us and is making us into a “holy temple in the Lord” (Ephesians 2:22)…we are, each of us, His “tabernacle”. Definitely transformational.

Tabernacle: a place to worship and find forgiveness…the Son of God who lived with us and knows what it means to be human…and now, each one of us who has God’s Holy Spirit living with us. Definitely good.

Our Worship Services: What can I expect if I visit?

Whether you are a Christian looking for a church home or you are curious about a relationship with God, you’ll find a worship experience for you and your family. Our second worship gathering is a more contemporary gathering. It’s louder, but always Christ-centered and God exalting. We understand that God is present with us despite different styles of music and preferences of dress. He doesn’t look on our outward appearance but “on the heart.” So come as you are. This is a place where God meets people who aren’t perfect, and no matter where you are on your personal spiritual journey, your age or what you’ve done.

“Foundations” Worship Gathering: 8:45-9:45AM
This gathering is more traditional in feel.  If you like traditional hymns with a piano and organ this will feel like home.

Worship Gathering: 11:00AM-12:00PM
This is a more contemporary gathering.  It’s louder, but always Christ-centered and God exalting.

Kids Welcome

Please bring your children! We have ministry to children from Nursery through Grade 5. They’ll learn Bible stories and participate in age-appropriate activities. At Tabernacle children are welcomed and loved. We offer secure, safe check-in for parents. And all our Children’s Ministry volunteers are background screened.

If you do choose to visit, please stop by the Welcome Center so we can meet you and pass along a gift to say thank you!