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The resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is THE event of everyone who believes in Him as Savior and Lord. He came to bring LIFE. If you’re struggling to move forward into life, this series is for you!

Why Jesus

Some people believe Jesus of Nazareth is the Savior of the world. Some people see him as nothing more than a good teacher and religious leader. And many people just aren’t sure what to believe or why He even matters. This Easter season, we’re going back to the beginning of the Bible and discover why Jesus matters more than ever in 2019.

Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety is reaching epidemic proportions in the United States among all age groups. Why are we so worried and anxious? What’s causing this in so many of our lives? And, more importantly, what can be done about it? God wants YOU to be at peace. To not live each day with crippling anxiety. If you’re ready to participate in your healing for a new future…don’t miss this series.


Forgiveness might be the most discussed, written about, misunderstood and yet important things we do as human beings. If you’ve been in a relationship for more than a few minutes, you’ve already discovered that you’ll going to have to learn to forgive. The alternative is to go through life virtually mad at everyone. So, we’re adding to the discussion from God, the author of forgiveness.

Heart Condition

Let’s face it: our culture is re-writing the rules of relationships. Social media has changed everything. Generational differences are changing the way we relate as friends, family, and in the workplace. “Love” is a word often used, but rarely practiced. We are divided politically. We are quick to judge, quick to cast out and cut ourselves off from those who are different or don’t meet our standards. Jesus stands in stark contrast to this. His command to those who would follow him is clear: “Love one another as I have loved you.” This means both understanding and putting into action something the Bible calls, “agape”. God’s love. Super challenging. More necessary than ever.

God with Us

“Immanuel” – this title given to Jesus of Nazareth means, “God with Us.” This profound concept changes forever the religious notion that God is disconnected, removed and doesn’t care about us. It does NOT mean life isn’t difficult or void of suffering. It does mean, that we are not alone.

Legacy: Giving for the Next Generation

Money. It impacts all our lives. At Tabernacle we want everyone to be healthy in their lives, the marriages, their families and also their finances. This series gives you healthy approaches and attitudes about money, leaving a legacy and experiencing the joy of giving.

Marriage Matters

Marriage still matters. It touches all our lives in some form or another. Every married couple starts with love and promises of devotion…so why do things go south? And is there anything we can do about it? This series explores God’s design for marriage and will hopefully bring you growth, healing and practical help for your marriage!

Stop Going to Church

September 2nd, 2018
God’s highest calling for you is not to GO to church, but to BE the church! How do you view your relationship with God? Is it “just on Sundays?” If so…you’ve missed the point of what it means to follow Christ.

Let the Heavens Declare

July 29, 2018
“The heavens declare the handiwork of God,” says the author of the Psalms. Ever look at the stars and think we are not alone? That there had to be a Creator? Enjoy.

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