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Some People Believe…

That God is unreachable. That God is angry all the time. That God only wants to ruin your life. Or that He is a vengeful, vindictive God.

Or that God is waiting for us to be “good enough” to get ourselves to heaven. I mean, if we’re just “good enough” then that is enough, right? 

Others…they don’t believe God does much at all. He’s either old, or just a nice myth who doesn’t exist.

Or, and perhaps this is the most truthful reality: God is whatever I make Him up to be. 

What does God have to say about Himself to us in the Bible? This series will answer many of those questions, give you a blueprint for life, for truth and most importantly, for peace about forgiveness, hope and salvation!

We will be meeting for COMBINED services on November 7th and 14th as our Sanctuary carpet and pews are refinished, and so we can celebrate TOGETHER as a church on November 14th!

Worship with us in person or online at 8:45am and 11:00am each Sunday – NOTE: We will have combined worship services on November 7 and 14 at 11am.

We are now offering two ways to worship: you can join us at 8:45AM or 11:00AM at our downtown Chillicothe location. Or, if you’d rather, please join us ONLINE at 11:00AM.