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Business Workshops & Seminars

When business THRIVES in Chillicothe…everyone can!

Why would a church host business seminars and workshops?

At Tabernacle Baptist Church we care about all aspects of our community. We want to see Chillicothe be a city where everyone can thrive in every part of their life! Instead of “sitting it out” on the sidelines, we are breaking down the traditional barriers between the business and church communities and opening our doors for business owners, employees and community leaders to partner to help business thrive in Ohio’s First Capital. Because of our strategic downtown location and facilities, we will be hosting 4 workshops/seminars each year. And because of our partners and church community, anyone can attend for FREE. All you need to do is register in advance!

Let’s work together to be part of helping Chillicothe THRIVE in every way!

Social Media Marketing – How to Effectively Grow Your Following and Your Business

Thursday, December 3rd, 8:30AM – 10:30AM, Chillicothe, OH

Are you a small business owner? You will benefit from attending this hands on workshop to leverage social media for your business. And it’s free!

Join us for a 2-Hour workshop presented by Metropolis Design Studios. Learn how to leverage Social Media Marketing for your small business. You don’t have to be an expert, but you can learn from them!


Content of Workshop: Setting Up Ad Campaign, Choosing Objectives, Get Likes, Clicks, Leads, Sales (based on cold, warm, hot traffic), Installing Facebook Pixel, Targeting Cold Traffic, Creating Custom Audiences, Targeting Warm Traffic, Retargeting, Ad Copy & Creative (cold, warm audience ads), Reporting & Analytics, Scaling Campaign

Our Guest Speakers are Jarrod DePugh and Mike Elliott, owners/operators of Chillicothe-based Metropolis Design Studios. They offer fully original artwork and design services all made to order from personal commissions to business identity. No job is too small!

Metropolis Design Studios – https://metro-ds.com/








Who should attend? Local small business owners with various degrees of FB experience


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